October 7, 2015

How To Get Out of a Funk

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It happens to all of us. Your world suddenly appears bleak. Your routine has become the same old, same old. You are hard on yourself about your weight. You lack physical energy to exercise and before you know it, you have stopped exercising and are gaining more weight. Your clothes are feeling snug, which can only make you feel worse...oh, my dear, you are in a funk.

I've been there a few times and it's tough. Here are a few things that have helped me break out of this vicious cyle:
  • Step away from your computer. PUSH yourself to get out of the house or office and take a brisk walk. Even if you are feeling tired, fresh air helps clear your mind. I grab my headphones and play music for a walk around my neighborhood. This is a great way to unplug from social media and free your mind. Set a goal to add extra steps each day.
  • Take baby steps to feeling better each day.  Don't think DIET! Diets are tough to stick to and you will feel like it's okay to cheat once in a while. I don't do well with that word. Think of it as being good to yourself...Start small by cutting out sugar, sodas or those yummy potato chips this week. I set a goal to cut out desserts after meals.  I've also cut back on drinking wine for a week and although I love my glass of wine, I feel less bloated when I cut out alcohol. Eventually your body will crave less of the sugar or salt that you are wishing for now. Moderation is key to successfully controlling your weight.
  • Find inspiration and motivation. I work from home, so you would think that gives me the license to wear sweats all day long. Sweats have a way of making me feel that it's okay to lounge around and eat...NO BUENO. Unless I'm sick, I always get dressed and apply makeup every single day. It makes me feel good about myself and it motivates me to get out of the house, walk, run errands and take photos for my blog! I also find inspiration from calling on positive people. Sharing a good laugh with a friend will always make you feel better. Stop and smell the roses is so cliche, but it truly does help your soul.
Do you have other ways that I have not listed that have helped you get out of a rut? I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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