August 21, 2014

Messy Hair Don't Care

My hair has some explaining to do...

I recently joined the hardest fitness program that I could find for someone slightly out of shape who hasn't worked out consistently.  Why? Either I enjoy being tortured or I have simply lost my mind.  If you have not heard of Orange Theory Fitness, it is an intense 55 minutes of heart-rate based interval training.  Led by a professional trainer, this workout consists of weights, treadmills, rowers and suspension training. There mantra is BASE, PUSH, and ALL OUT. Frightening actually.

I have been sore for weeks and can only hope it will ease up as I continue my journey to physical well being. As intense and as hard as I consider this program to be, it keeps me motivated and excited to go back for another ass whooping. Unfortunately, my hair has some explaining to do...I don't want to wash and style my hair every day! Who has time for that? Enter the chic messy bun/ponytail. Spray hair with dry shampoo,  pull back and let some pieces fall freely. Thank goodness messy hair, jogging pants and a tee is now considered high fashion.


  1. This post is so you; funny, honest and what most of us deal with in our lives! Made me laugh out loud!!

  2. You and I have very similar taste. I just purchased the same Lou & Gray pants on Monday. I can't wait to wear them.

  3. Yes we do! I want so many of the pieces you wear! I can't wait to see you style your L&G pants! Thanks for stopping by, Glenda! xo

  4. You look great already! Love this whole outfit!

  5. Thanks so much, NotARoese, you're too cute!! xo

  6. I've heard Orange Theory is an intense workout! I thought you were going to say your arms were so sore that you couldn't lift them up (I've been there from a workout!). This casual chic outfit looks great on you!

    Nicole to the Nines

  7. I've not heard of Orange Theory but it sounds like a killer workout! Love your cute tee and this laid back look!


  8. Love that bag!


  9. Monica! Adorable photos for this post. I love the open toed booties that we are seeing a bunch of now. You wear them well. Thanks for your fun comments and encouraging words. You made my day!!! Yes, I will take the speedy recovery. One of my three weeks is almost done, too, Yay!!!

    Thanks for being at Fashion item Friday! ♥

  10. Love this outfit and your hair looks great!

    I go to Zumba 2x/week and Bokwa once a week. When I come home it's straight to the shower to wash the sweat off. No way I could skip washing my hair. You should be very proud of yourself for your new fitness program. Sounds hard but satisfying.


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