December 2, 2013

Three Wishes...

Happy December, Lovelies! I thought it would be fun to take a break from reality for a minute; the holiday shopping, decorating and stuffing our faces and ask, if you were given three magical wishes for the holidays, what would you wish for?  Money, health, family, fame? 
There are many material things on the wish list, but, for me,  it all still comes down to one thing; family. Here are my three wishes:

Wish one: 
Three Monica's:  One Monica to help me shop and plan for the holidays with my hubby in Atlanta. One Monica to spend time with my family and friends in Florida and the other Monica would be in New York with my daughter all of the time. Getting the family together in one state is a challenge.

Wish two:
To spend one more holiday with my father. This will be our 3rd Christmas without my dad and I miss him dearly. This was his favorite time of the year and I very am grateful for the beautiful memories of the holidays with him.

Wish three:
My dog, Champ will live forever. He is going on 14 years old but acts like he's 5. We rescued him ( he really rescued us) when he was one and he has grown up with our kids. I adore him.

So, do tell...what do you wish for?

What I'm wearing: Hat: Target // Top Coat: Lulli // Jeans:  Rock & Republic // Boots: old, Loft // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

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  1. Julie@ Happy at Mid-lifeMon Dec 02, 05:38:00 PM EST

    Great post! My three wishes would be to spend more time with my grown kids, make more money this new year and gain tons of followers for my new blog! Have a great week!

  2. You are adorable! So glad you found me and I found you! Love that coat! and welcome to Thrifters Anonymous!!!

  3. Aww, thanks for stopping by, Shana! See you at TA :)


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