May 27, 2015

30 Years of Marriage + Tips to Keep the Flame Lit

B and I are celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary this year and we always get a jaw dropping reaction when we tell people we don't really know. I truly believe it is due to a commitment to seek the happiness of the other person before yourself.

Our 30 years together has been an amazing journey filled with friendship and a true love that has grown over having babies, losing loved ones, heart ache, moving out of state and still remaining devoted to each other.  It takes effort from both parties to keep your marriage fresh, but there are a few simple things that we do to keep the flame lit:

  • Say something sweet to each other every day.
We all have good days and bad. So paying a genuine compliment like "you look beautiful today" or "I love that shirt on you" can boost each others confidence and bring on a smile. I can probably count with one hand how many times in 30 years that B didn't say he loves me. Not many. Saying "I love you" are the sweetest words to hear everyday. 
  • Give each other some space.
Sounds odd, but giving each other space to decompress after a tough day at work is so important. Bill enjoys sitting on our patio smoking a cigar or reading his books when he has free time. For me it's blogging or working on DIY projects.  I remember when our kids were little, the minute B would get home from work I would hand them over  so I could have some "me" time.  B would gladly take over knowing how hard it was with 2 toddlers at home all day.
  • Watch your words carefully during an argument. Words can cause irreversible pain.
From day one we made a pact to never disrespect each other by cursing or calling each other names. A heated argument can bring on some negative thoughts and your words can hurt the other person more than you know. Just remember once you cross that line, it may be harder to regain a level of respect.  It's best to walk away and cool off. We usually end up forgetting what we even argued about and move on.
  • Be silly and laugh. A lot.
Laughter is truly is the best medicine. Make a funny, laugh at yourself, watch comedy shows together or just grab him or her and dance even when there is no music playing. I treasure all of our silly moments together and watching B crack up is so much fun!

I have tons more ideas, but these are the simplest ones that we always practice. What are some of your tips to keep your relationship fun and fresh?

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  1. I love this! The 1st and 2nd pieces of advice are my fave! Marriage is a beautiful thing and I wish you and hubby many more happy years together...XO!


  2. Congratulations on 30 years!! That is wonderful and hard to do. Your advice is what my husband and I strive for each day or try to! You look beautiful by the way.

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!



  3. Beautiful tips! Congratulations to you ;)

  4. Thank you so much, Whitney! I read your post on marriage and you guys are also a huge inspiration. xo

  5. Thanks for your kind words, Vicky! See ya' at next weeks link up! xo

  6. HappinessatmidlifeMon Jun 01, 01:25:00 AM EDT

    Great tips and congrats to your 30th anniversary and to many more!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.



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