October 22, 2014

Gray Skies

Even on cloudy days the sun waits to break through. ~ Daniel, the Blind Poet

 Growing up in Florida, hot sunny days are the norm and is what you typically can expect when you visit, except during hurricane season.  Even on a cloudy day, you can see the sun waiting to break through...

Along with sun shiny days, you also expect the locals to have a sunny disposition in this beautiful, palm tree covered place, but this is not always true. Someone you know may be fighting their own battle. Gray skies remind me that just as the storm will pass, so will those difficult days we all may face at one time or another. It's up to us to keep a sunny disposition regardless of where we are.

Thanks so much for reading!

Loft Cheetah Print Dress
Joe Fresh Booties
Tory Burch Bag
Warby Parker Sunglasses

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  1. Beautiful message and lovely outfit!!

  2. Love the look of the dress with the boots! I would have never paired it together like that!


  3. Thanks, Becky! I'm so happy you stopped by! xo

  4. What a great dress and boots! You look fabulous!

  5. Great post Monica! Loved the message. So true what you said. It is through difficult time than we grow and become stronger... and just like a storm and cloudy skies, they go eventually go away. You look beautiful in that grey cheetah print dress. The booties are super chic and you look beautiful al always. XOXO, Jeannette.


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