September 26, 2014

Beauty and the Blogger

As a blogger, I have to be photo ready most of the time, so finding the right makeup that lasts all day and that gives me the right amount of coverage is a big deal. I want to put on my face and just go and not worry about touching up all of the time. So today,  I am giving you a peek at some of my favorite beauty products that I love and that really do the job.

My Top Beauty Picks:

Eyebrows: Full brows are really popular right now. I used to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows, until I discovered this powdered duo. It glides on like silk and it's super easy to control when you apply it with  a stiff brow brush.

Eyeshadow Primer: I have used several brands of eyeshadow primers, but this one is like glue for shadows. I never have to touch up my eyes once all day with this baby. No creases or fading and it is moisturizing on my lids.

Mascara: I love trying new mascaras.  Benefits They are Real Mascara gives me the length I crave and it is smudge proof. No need for lash extension with this mascara! Be sure to pick up a gentle waterproof eye makeup remover if you plan on using this one.

Blush:  This color is called Torrid.  It's a coral shade with a slight touch of terracotta for that sun kissed natural look. Can't go wrong with any Nars Blush, but this one is my favorite by far on my olive skin.

Heavy Duty Concealer: I have brown spots on my cheeks just below my eyes that I like to conceal in my photos. Benefits Erase Paste is thick and creamy and gives me great coverage for this purpose.  I would only recommend it if you have serious dark under eye circles or if you want to camouflage spots because it may be too heavy for an everyday concealer. 

Blender Sponge: I can not say enough about how great this makeup sponge is! It gives you an airbrushed flawless finish. Easy to clean and so easy to use. How have I lived my life without it?

Long Lasting Lipstick:  Ruby Woo is a statement color. It's is matte bluish red color that stays on forever, or at least until I eat. You will get noticed with this lip color!

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  1. Makeup is like a foreign subject to me. I don't know much about the products and frankly speaking, it intimidates me. When I walk into Sephora, I understand what men feel like when shopping with the women in their lives. I only know the basics and stick with that...a red lip, foundation and a bi-weekly trip to get my brows shaped.

  2. Hello Monica! I am a 40+ fashion blogger as well and I have to say that you look amazing. Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets. I will definitely try the concealer as I have brown spots on my cheeks as well. I have tried so many products, from MAC to you name it but I am up for trying anything that may work. The red lipstick is to die for:-) Thanks for sharing, xoxo, Jeannette

  3. You are blessed with beauty and perfect skin, so you don't need much, pretty lady! Thanks for stopping by, Glenda! xo

  4. Hi Jeannie, thank you so much for your kind words! I just visited your blog and you are beautiful! I never would have guessed you are 40+! Thanks so much for stopping by, let's keep in touch! xo

  5. Thanks so much Monica! You are so beautiful too! I would love to stay in touch! xoxo, Jeannette

  6. Whoo these look nice, I really need some good make-up :)

    Thanks for linking up :) #weekendbloghop


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