June 19, 2014

Sipping Pretty: Fruit Infused Water

Aside from being beautiful, drinkable works of art, infusing your water with fresh fruits and herbs is a refreshing and healthy way to detox. These fancy waters are perfect for parties or just a special treat to yourself! You can make a pitcher for a group of friends or single servings, like these.

To make any of these recipes, all you have to do is slice the fruit you want to use and drop them into your water. You can start drinking it right away, but you might not notice the flavors until it infuses for a few hours. I like to make a large pitcher of infused water and let it sit overnight.  As long as you refrigerate your water it should stay fresh for up to 5 days.

You will be amazed at how good you'll feel by simply adding a few slices of your favorite fruit to water! Plus-the fresh flavor of the added fruit makes drinking water more fun!   
Physicians Reference via Kasia organic Salon 

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So, which infused water recipes will you try? 

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  1. I love this post. I enjoy infused water. I especially enjoy drinking mint and orange after a good workout and Epsom bath. It's very detoxifying.

  2. MAN, I needed these two weeks ago when the chemo was altering the taste of my water really badly this time. I have to drink about two quarts of water a day and when It is nasty, can you imagine how hard that would be? Sorry for being a downer, but this post is bookmarked my friend, for dang sure. and ...thanks for all the encouraging words - wow, this time I have really really really needed them as ever. ♥

    Renae of Simple Sequins

  3. DolliedaydreamcakesSat Jun 21, 03:28:00 PM EDT

    Beautiful photosgraphy

  4. I'm glad you like this post! Try some of these, they are really refreshing and will you drink a lot of water! Hope you are having a good weekend, Renae! xo

  5. Hi Glenda! I'll try mint and orange sounds yummy! xo


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