February 1, 2014

Hello February!

I am usually not one to wish a month would hurry up and end, I take everything in stride and try to make the best of every moment. However, January knocked my socks off  starting with a bad case of the flu and ending with a tragic snow storm in Atlanta. My heart goes out to all those who suffered during the horrific Atlanta snow storm.  I was one of the lucky few that was home when snow started to fall.  I guess I have the flu to thank for that. 

Here is how January went down while I managed to get some good times in.

January recap:
  1. Nursed the flu for more than 3 weeks. 
  2. Explored Stone Mountain, GA with the family. 
  3. Hubby bought me the coolest Vintage camera.
  4. Ordered a record player and bought vinyl albums including Wham and Prince. So fun!
  5. Had blond highlights put in my hair, couldn't wait for spring.
  6. I joined Bloggers Closet and sold some stuff out of my closet $$$.
  7. Survived a severe snow storm that turned Atlanta into a scene from 'The Walking Dead' as highways were gridlocked and people abandoned their cars to seek refuge. 
Good bye January, Hello February!

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  1. I live in Atlanta too, it was awful to see our this city that I love so much unable to deal with the snow storm. Thanks for sharing, hope March is better!


  2. Glenda @ So What to Twenty!Mon Feb 03, 07:04:00 PM EST

    I just told my husband I want a turn table so that I could collect vinyls. Aren't they the greatest! I hope your February is fantastic!

  3. Hi Glenda! I am having a great time searching for the old classic records! You have to get one, it's fun! I ordered mine through Target for $79. Thanks for being so sweet and stopping by. xo

  4. Monica, I just found your blog and I nominated you for a Liebster Award because I am enjoying it so much! :) I'd love for you to post your responses!



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