August 8, 2016

It Takes Two

Two. This crazy little number has been the driving force in my family this past year.  Two weddings, two funerals, two homes sold, two homes built, two grandmothers moving, and two job promotions!

It's been one crazy ride. But, all of it has made us all stronger.  As a family unit and as individuals. As a family, we support each other unconditionally. We take pride in each other. As individuals, we learn compassion, empathy, selfless love, and true joy for others.

Top photo is my daughter's wedding and this photo is our family at my son's wedding.

As a mom and a wife, I am blessed to have a special bond with my kids and the support of my loving hubby. Now, with two weddings under our belts, we gained two extended families that are just as loving and fun. I can only hope that we end the year of two's with two grand-babies? Okay, just wishful thinking....but for now, B and I can enjoy at least two months in our Georgia home with a lot of much needed R&R.

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