February 10, 2014

Tales of Vegas

Hello everyone!  I just returned from Vegas from what feels like a month long "work" conference, but really, it was only a week long. I was able to capture a few snapshots of this crazy busy, but magical city decked out in celebration of the Chinese New Year and the Super Bowl weekend. 

Shopping in Vegas is insane…every label you may want or need is here. Spring fashion was on display, so exciting!

The city comes to life at night with the pretty lighted displays, casinos and shows.

This blurry pic taken on a cell phone of our group of professionals friends during an awards banquet  sums it all up! Vegas is crazy fun! 

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. LOL, gotta love office peeps gone wild! Who can blame you, though- what a fun time of year to be in Vegas! Thanks so much for linking up your gorgeous photos with Manic Monday. :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. Loved that last pic! That really happens, and glad it's not just in our office!
    Love the photos as always! Thank you for sharing them with manic monday!

  3. You guys are the best! Thanks so much for your support, it means everything! xo

  4. It was a great time, had to share! Thanks so much for your support, you guys rock! xo

  5. Great pics! Didn't know the shopping was so good in Vegas, put me on a plane today!

  6. Hi Robin! Great shopping in Vegas!! Thanks so much for stopping by! xo


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