April 13, 2012

The Boyfriend

 The trusted boyfriend jeans.
I have nothing to wear.
My shoe inspiration... 
Wearing my silver jewelry today. 
Here with Champ, my real boyfriend.

Are you like me, where some days you open your closet and feel like "ughhh you have nothing to wear"? Since I have started blogging and reading a lot of fashion blogs, I am starting to let this feeling go. I have learned how to piece outfits together, layer correctly and make the most with what I have. As long as you have the basic staples in your closet, you have it made. Today I am wearing boyfriend jeans with a basic white Tee and a basic black blazer, all classic wardrobe staples.

Blogging has become a personal journey for me which has helped me step out of my comfort zone and try new things, yet stay true to who I am.  I have challenged myself to wear something old from my closet paired with something new...hence the name and idea behind my blog, Glamvolution. Look at what you already have differently and keep an open mind. I am surprised by how many outfits I can put together with what I have in my closet! I have a lot to wear! My hubby would be happy to hear this will keep me from shopping as much. I don't really need anything...ok, who am I kidding, I still love to shop. Sometimes a girl just wants things, not just needs. But, I am having fun thrifting and getting creative with my old clothes! Thanks for reading and coming along with me through this fun journey. 

::Outfit Details::
Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft (about 6 years old)
Tee:  Ann Taylor Loft also old
Boyfriend jeans:  Ruehl, old
Shoes:  Zara, just got these babies
Bag:  Marc Jacob
Jewelery:  Bracelets are a mix of Tiffany's & White House/Black Market, Stella & Dot ring

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  1. I could not believe that a pair of skinny jeans could look so chic - I think it was the pair of designer shoes, the little black blazer, and, of course the layered jewels!!! It worked! Wow - I'm going to have to try this, with the age-appropriate pieces. I'll let you know how it turns out!
    Ms. Collette

  2. Wow, you have many top to wear!
    So, your real boyfriend is the dog right... My real boyfriend is my cute cat also.. hihihi :P
    They are good to be our real boyfriend because they will never break our heart... hahaha :p

    Follow my blog at

  3. Fashion blogging has also helped me make a better use of my wardrobe, as well as realise that I'm lacking of many staples as well. I have way too many similar items, whereas I'm lacking of certain basic items (can you believe I have two white blazers but not a black one? Or that I have up to eight navy blue day-time dresses but not a pair of black jeans?). Thanks to it, I'm going through an intensive wardrobe revamping, buying all staples that a healthy wardrobe needs and spending less money on whims and items that I like impulsively but may not be so useful.

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

  4. Love this outfit - the staples always result in wonderful classic outfits! :)


  5. i JUST bought the ZARA neon yellow shoes and now you are REALLY tempting me to go back for these AND the two toned ones in your last post. i've had my eye on them but just haven't pulled the trigger. i am a true size 7 and they only carry 1/2 sizes. i went up...hoping they fit!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  6. This is a great look, I like how you put it together, and you have such a great selection of pieces in your closet...how is it possible that you have nothing to wear? lol! I say the same thing.

  7. I just realized that I HAVE a big pearl ring-I'm wearing today, I think. Your sense of style is fantastic-I will look for a Wild Flower)ed) Blouse that ties in the front, no matter how long it takes. Of course, the scalloped shorts are too cute for words.
    Ms. Collette

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  9. so pretty! Great look! Love your style!

  10. nice blog !!
    what about to follow each other?:)

  11. just found your blog! i LOVE your shoes, and want them! so cute!!


  12. cute!!!


  13. Wooowww what a feminine and classy look with boyfriend jeans! Absolutely love it!

    xo Rachel


  14. great jeans!


  15. I love this outfit! It's so simple but so chic. The shoes are fabulous!

    And I also spend many mornings staring at my closet, thinking I have nothing to wear. I agree though that reading blogs makes you look at your closet in a new way.



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