May 1, 2015

Spring Time in Paris: Part 1

Happy Friday, friends! I am back in the U.S. after our 7 day dream trip to Paris feeling a little jet lag, but very excited to share with you all the details.  Paris couldn't have come at a better time for B and I,  since we are celebrating our 30th year wedding anniversary. Paris was also a reminder of what B and I value the most in life; meaningful conversations, constant exploration of art and culture, and allowing ourselves the time to enjoy the life that we work so hard to create for ourselves. Now that we are back, we are craving to live so much more and we are already thinking about our next adventure! 

For today, here are a few snapshots (all taken with our iPhones) of some of the most beautiful sights in Paris...

We stayed in the boutique Hotel Madison in St. Germaine in the 6th arrondissement. The location was in walking distance to many of the touristy sights like the Seine River, the Louvre museum and Notre Dame, but you still get to rub elbows with the locals. More to come about this quaint neighborhood.

 B in front of Notre Dame.

 We did the touristy thing and went on the Big Red Bus Tour. It was one of the best ways to get acquainted with our surroundings on our first day. 

We had to seal our love on the famous Lock Bridge, Pont de L’Archeveche, but since it is no longer permitted because of weight concerns, we found another bridge across the way.

The Eiffel Tower is simply the most magical thing to see, especially at night.

This was our breathtaking view from our balcony on the 6th floor.  There was a local musician who would set up by the church and play his violin every night. We couldn't have asked for a more romantic setting to celebrate our anniversary.

When I was planning our trip to Paris, I did a lot of research and received plenty of recommendations only to become truly overwhelmed.  So, to make it easier for future Paris goers, I plan on posting our travel tips, what to do and see, where we stayed and what to pack in one carry on bag for a full week. It wasn't easy, because I tend to OVER pack every time, but trust me, it can be done.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more goodies coming on Paris!

Today, I am linking up with these fabulous ladies.


  1. You and your man deserve such a fabulous and memorable time in Paris. Such a great way to begin your journey to 60 years!

  2. Thank you, Glenda, you're so sweet!!!

  3. What a dream trip! Congratulations on 30 years! Thanks for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday and have a great weekend!


    Dawn Lucy

  4. Congrats! These pics are amazing, looks like a wonderful trip!! I would love to go back to Paris one day.

  5. HeidiDee @ Beauty by HeidiDeeFri May 01, 05:42:00 PM EDT

    Congratulations on the 30 years! And the pics are beautiful :)

  6. Such absolutely beautiful shots Monica! It sounds like you had an amazing time!

  7. Thanks, Marta! I would go back too :)

  8. What an amazing trip! Your photos are beautiful! Happy Anniversary!

    Doused In Pink

  9. Patti_NotDeadYetStyleMon May 04, 08:28:00 AM EDT

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  10. Those photos are gorgeous. Glad you had such an amazing trip.

  11. Your outfit in the first post is so cute!!! These pictures make me want to go on another vacation!

  12. Happy anniversary! What an amazing way to celebrate! Gorgeous pics :)

  13. Jet lag is terrible but it's worth it!! Happy anniversary, glad you had such a good time!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Ah Paris, never been but from the looks of all of those gorgeous pics would love to! I love the bike pic and everything captured your feeling of the vacation.Lovely

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    Jess xx

  15. Oh it looks just wonderful! Looks like the weather cooperated with you too. You know, you spend so many of the years in the beginning of your marriage building your family and your finances. I understand your desire for the adventures! We have the same conversations and we've been married 27. Happy Anniversary!!

  16. Looks like you really enjoyed your France vacation. I love that locket key bridge!

  17. Take a vacation! Even if it's just a long weekend, it does your soul good! Thanks so much for stopping by, Kaylie! xo

  18. Thanks Stacey! Congrats on your 27 years of marriage! xo

  19. We had an amazing time! Thanks so much for stopping by, Ada!

  20. HappinessatmidlifeThu May 07, 09:15:00 PM EDT

    Looks like you and a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  21. Firstly, happy anniversary! 30 years is such an amazing thing to celebrate! Secondly, Paris is amazing. Of all the incredible things to see, the Eiffel tower sparkling in the night was my favorite...Oh and the Louvre! :-)


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