January 26, 2015

The Power of Getting Dressed

I recently stumbled upon the most fabulous group of ladies from Advanced Style Blog.  You can't help but love and admire these elderly women for living life to the fullest while sharing their unique personalities and style with the world.

My mother in-law, Audrey, taught me the importance of getting dressed and wearing lipstick everyday.  She once worked as the Chicago Tribune Editor's secretary and dressing the part was important to her.  She retired to Florida many years ago, so I get the pleasure of wearing her gorgeous blue wool coat that you see here. She is always elegantly styled to perfection and you will never catch her without her layers of gold jewelry and her signature pink lipstick that brightens her beautiful face. 

My mother, Lucy,  taught me the emotional connection we have with clothing.  She came from poverty and a family of 13 siblings which she worked to help support. She was able to save up enough money to buy her first pair of leather shoes for her first corporate job. She told me her shoes were worn out and broken when she met my dad many years later, but she could not afford to replace them. She still remembers that feeling of pride that came from wearing a new pair of shoes back then as a young poor woman. Today, my moms closet is filled with mostly new, but some old pieces that hold a special place in her heart. 

I get dressed every day depending on the weather, my schedule or my mood.  Some days it may be sweats, my favorite little dress, or my favorite pair of jeans,  but I will always, always apply a little bit of makeup, style my hair and put on some lipstick. It makes me feel equipped for the day.  I get dressed everyday because it is the art of womanhood.

You see, as women, we have the power to be whoever we choose to be. Fashion has the power to make you feel really confident, sassy, sporty or it can make you feel frumpy and sad. Color adds so much energy to both outfits and every day life, so don't be afraid to try a new trend or wear that fab lipstick you've been meaning to try.

  We have the power within us to be bold,  adventurous and to dazzle the world with our own unique personalities. You deserve to look and feel fabulous all the time. Did I mention that bright color is an instant mood brightener?  Take a minute to enjoy the boost of confidence you get from looking and feeling good in your clothes and let that feeling carry you through your day!

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  1. A great read, Monica. I grew into my own love for fashion and getting dressed. I wasn't inspired by anyone in particular. It was something that I just loved. There is a article that I think you'll enjoy. Here is the link - http://www.elle.com/fashion/personal-style/a12670/personal-essay-on-style-by-chimamanda-ngozi-adichie/?src=spr_GOOGLE_PLUS_PAGE&spr_id=1448_45259673&7524891=1

  2. Thank you, Glenda! I loved reading the article you suggested! Have a great week! xo

  3. Great post, it is so lovely that fashion transcends the barrier of age :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo


  4. The older generation is certainly one of the most classiest and most elegantly dressed one! Thanks for sharing this post about your Mom and MIL, I am sure they have been nothing but great style inspirations for you!

  5. Hello Wonderful Monica!!! What a beautiful post:-) It actually melted my heart, really! You are so blessed to have two remarkable and very inspirational ladies in your life. And yes, fashion is a way and outlet for us to express ourselves and like you, the way I dress for the day says a lot about how I am feeling that day. This post inspired me very much. Thanks for sharing sweet girl, XOXO, Jeannette

  6. Hi! That is a very nice photo!! Those ladies really look fantastic! And so full of energy!

  7. Thanks! I'm so happy you stopped by!

  8. Thank you, Camille! I'll stop your blog :) xo

  9. Hi Jeanette! it's so good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your sweet words, my friend, I am very lucky to have these two beautiful women in my life. Hope you are having a great week! Take care! xoxo

  10. I agree! Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

  11. What a great post dear! Thank you for sharing this with Celebrate Southern this past week! I am for sure pinning this to the Celebrate Southern Pinterest board for others to read! xoxo


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