March 27, 2014

Torn With Glam

Loft Jeans // Loft T-shirt // Express Blazer // Zara Heels // J.Crew Earrings // Francesca's necklace and bracelet // Michael Kors watch

You paid money for torn up jeans? Um, yes, replied the teenager to her father at the check out line in a store.  As I listened to these strangers conversation, I was thinking how funny it sounded, but I had just done the same thing. And I'm older. The more distressed the jean, the trendier and the more money we will pay.  It's a cool trend that has been around for a little while, only the jeans are being shredded even more this season. The  jeans I am wearing are tame compared to the currently trending styles. 

Tips to Glam up your distressed look: Add a blazer over a tee, slip on a pair of sexy heels, wear a statement piece of jewelry.  Chandelier earrings add a touch of glam to tee's and jeans day or night. Try wearing your hair up, I love a classic ponytail, but braids are really hot right now.

Tips to Toughen up the distressed look: Wear booties, add a leather jacket, or wear your hair down with waves, try a rocker tee and sneakers.

If you are wondering why I touch my hair so much in my photos, it is because I am trying to keep it from falling in my face and looking crazy as it grows out.  I love my comfy boyfriend jeans and while others may not agree, I consider them a wardrobe staple. 

How do you feel about this trend, yay, nay or cray? 

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  1. Renae of Simple SequinsFri Mar 28, 11:27:00 AM EDT

    hi Monica! Nice to meet you. I enjoyed this post very much. I can tell we are going to get along GREAT! Loved your suggestions. Thanks for joining our "Fashion item Friday" and hope to see there again over and over. Tell all your blog buds, too, k? k. ♥

  2. Hi Renae, thanks so much for stopping by! I will see you at the next link up! xo

  3. Love my boyfriend jeans most of all...and a little distressing just adds character. You look gorgeous in pink I must say!

  4. Thank you, Debbie! I really appreciate you stopping by! xo


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