November 22, 2013

Out with the old, but not so fast...

"Fashion fades, style is eternal."
-Yves Saint-Laurent

 I went through my closet recently and pulled out anything that I thought I would never wear again into a donate pile and threw it all into the trunk of my car.  I'll stop by Goodwill to drop it off eventually is what I kept telling myself.  Long story short, every time I opened my trunk I pulled out a garment that had the possibilities of being revived. What was I thinking? I can use this, or I don't need to buy another one of those…in fact, the shirt and jeans that I am wearing came from my trunk.  I almost gave away the pea coat last year while we were living in Florida because it was too hot to wear it there. I did however give away a few things that no longer fit me.  The moral of the story? Hang on to it for a little bit, trends do come back around. If it doesn't fit or no longer fits your lifestyle, by all means give it away or donate it to your favorite charity. Have you ever given away something that you now wish you hadn't because now it's back in style? 

What I'm wearing:  Coat: Miss Sixty, old but never worn // Shirt: Ann Taylor, old // Jeans: Loft, really old, black faded into gray that is now in // Shoes: Nordstroms, recent // Scarf: H&M, recent // Bracelets: Vintage rhinestones, David Yurman cuff, gift from my Hubby

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  1. I'm sure you made your husband happy! Love, your husband

  2. Yay! But I need. More. Stuff.

  3. love the shoes and scarf

  4. So funny, Sarah! I knew I couldn't be the only with regrets of giving away something, ha!

  5. I love your shoes! I have been looking for a new pair of leopard flats!
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